BLUES AND WORLD REPORT with Matthew Skoller

Episode 4: Lurrie Bell

On today’s episode of Blues and World Report I will be talking to one of the greatest Bluesmen of his (and my) generation: Mr. Lurrie Bell. Hailed as a wunderkind at a very early age Lurrie, the son of harmonica legend Carey Bell, ended up on the road with Koko Taylor at the tender age of 16 years old. You can hear Lurrie and I piece together the chronology of his dramatic life and Blues journey. In this two part conversation we will start with him moving from Chicago to down south, living with his grandparents and playing church music, to his heart wrenching battles with mental illness, homelessness and the loss of family. And ultimately his inveterate capacity to survive and thrive. We also do some jamming together! Stay tuned…The following interview was recorded on August 31st 2021.


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