Corporate Events

The Matthew Skoller Band is an extremely accomplished, highly professional group that has over 25 years of experience playing almost any event you can imagine. Weddings, Corporate gigs of all types: Fund raisers, benefits, corporate theme parties, private homes, Bar Mitzvahs, Chicago Auto Show, Harley Davidson dealerships, The Residence of the US Ambassador to France in Paris, 1996 Democratic Convention parties, Blues Cruise on Chicago’s Odyssey Yacht for Tom Brokaw and the NBC news crew, and the list goes on.

After 30 years of experience Matthew can in a glance assess what is needed at any given event and lead his band accordingly. From “quiet as a mouse” gigs where CEOs can stand right in front of the group and have a conversation to house-rockin’ dance parties where folks can let their hair down (or take it off!!) and boogie all night long or something in between.

If you are looking to do an event in Chicago (or any where in the world for that matter) nothing says Chicago like Chicago Blues music. It is Chicago’s greatest contribution to the world of music and its best- known landmark.

If you are tired of “corporate” jobbing bands that play everything from Burt Bacharach to Michael Jackson and want to treat your guests to true artistry and high level musicianship, this is your group.

Matthew Skoller Corporate Events

If your event requires an acoustic sound or a big production with brass and keys Matthew has several different line-ups he can offer:

  1. Acoustic Duo with either Piano and Harmonica or guitar and harmonica.
  2. A Four piece electric Chicago Blues Band with Harmonica/vocals, Guitar, bass and drums.
  3. Five piece Chicago Blues Band (same as #2 with Keyboards added.)
  4. Or the Matthew Skoller Big Band. This is an eight piece band (same as #3 with two horn players and a woman Blues singer, depending on availability either Demetria Taylor or Felicia Patton).

Matthew Skoller Corporate Events