Family Tradition Cognac

In July of 2001 The Matthew Skoller Band played The Blues Passions Festival in Cognac, France. It was at this gig that Larry Skoller (Matthew’s brother and guitarist) met his future wife Nadege Maurin. Larry moved to Cognac in 2002 and soon after Larry, Nadege and Matthew formed Family Tradition Cognac. They selected the Cognac of five different family owned distillers who for generations have produced single-vineyard, “grower” cognac.


Matthew over the last several years has developed a night of “Cognac and Blues” that he has performed for private and corporate events and has done several public performances at the City Winery’s New York and Chicago locations. Matthew combines his prodigious knowledge of cognac with his musical gift and creates a magical evening of Blues and Cognac. Flanked by some of the greatest blues players alive (in NYC Bill Sims Jr. and Junior Mack, in Chicago Lurrie Bell and Johnny Iguana) Matthew holds a seamless tasting where his music is paired with the various cognacs in The Family Tradition portfolio. Tables are filled with stemware that contain flights of the greatest Cognac available. The evening starts with a Chicago Blues shuffle and people settle in for a journey through the magical world of Cognac spirits and Blues Spirit.

Five Cognacs and two Cognac aperitifs are usually featured along with cheese and charcuterie plates.

Cognac and Blues events are available for your next corporate event or holiday party. Please email us at or call 773-771-5364 to talk with Matthew directly!

Matthew was an avid wine lover and had even sold wine for several years to help out when the music business was slow. Larry was also very into wine and spirits and after he moved to Cognac to settle down and start a family he naturally gravitated toward learning about the “real deal” Cognac that was only available in the region. It was through this research that Larry met master distiller Jean Luc Pasquet. After learning the basics regarding Cognac and the distillation process, Larry had the idea to make these products available in the US market. This is where Matthew came in. Matthew placed the Cognac in Illinois and soon to follow New York City and the Tri-State region. The unique, combined skill set that was brought to the table by the collaboration of Matthew, Larry and Nadege facilitated the forming of Family Tradition Cognac. Nadege, a Cognac native, was immediately accepted by the usually wary producers. Her vast knowledge of Cognac (the beverage) along with her expertise as an administrator allowed her to negotiate the complex terrain of running a business in France.


We began our company, Family Tradition Cognac, with a personal crusade to fill in what we viewed as an unfortunate omission in the foreign markets: offering consumers primarily industrially made cognacs, which do little to no justice to the wide variety of terroirs in our fascinating region. More importantly, the emphasis on industrial cognacs does nothing to give recognition or celebrate the strong, on-going tradition of artisan cognacs. Although artisan producers are still the backbone of cognac production, supplying the majority of the eau-de-vie to the industry, their own family-produced cognac is nearly unavailable.

We come to Family Tradition Cognac with some essential and important ingredients: a grand passion for artisan cognac, a well-established association with the community of independent cognac producers, and a desire to help them introduce the fruits of their labor to the outside world.

Our friendship and collaboration with these independent producers defines and distinguishes Family Tradition Cognac. Through our privileged alliance with them we are able–and proud–to offer these truly remarkable cognacs.

Family Tradition Cognac carefully selects only artisan producers who handcraft ultra-premium cognac in limited quantities. Among the most important criteria for the selection process is originality: the individual expression of the terroir within each of the five crus represented.

The pure and rare quality of our producers’ cognac is achieved through their all-important vine-to-bottle process: planting, cultivating and maintaining their own vines, harvesting and macerating their own grapes, distilling and aging their own eau-de-vie, and finally, each making their own assemblage.

We offer a stunning portfolio of strictly artisan spirits, the likes of which few cognac drinkers have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. We think these cognacs will turn everything you thought you knew about cognac on its head, and open your eyes to the sheer breadth and potential for quality this region possesses.

The originality and quality of our cognacs are simply unrivaled in excellence.

Nadège and Larry Skoller and Matthew Skoller
Founders, Family Tradition Cognac