Well here we are on the eve of the Grammy Awards and my brother Larry, John Primer, Billy Branch and I will be representing the Chicago Blues A Living History project on Sunday the 31st at the awards . We have been invited by the French Embassy in Los Angeles to attend a cocktail party being thrown at the Embassy in honor of all the French participants in the Grammy Awards. You see Chicago Blues A Living History was executive produced (funded) by a city 20 minutes outside of Paris called Aulnay-Sous-Bois. This is BIG news in France and so the Mayor of that city is coming to the Grammys along with a major French television network. Then on the 4th of February Lurrie Bell and I will be performing at the residence of the American ambassador to France in Paris for a celebration in honor of the Grammy nomination (or if we win: Grammy award!) and the success of this historic project. So keep your fingers crossed .

In other news Living History has been slated to headline the Chicago Blues Festival on Saturday June 12th. It has won the very prestigious French Academy of Jazz Award for best blues album of the year and has been nominated for 2 Blues Awards: Album of the year and best traditional blues album of the year. We also took best Traditional blues album of the year at The Blues Blast Awards held here in Chicago by the Illinois Blues Society.

As an ensemble all ten of us musicians involved in this are becoming Chicago Blues Ambassadors to the world as we are currently being booked all over the globe. As gigs become confirmed I will keep you up to date.